A 15-year-old girl lost her life after posing for a sunset shot of a tall building.

Ekaterina Chernova asked a friend to take the photo on the roof of the nine-storey building.

But she lost balance and fell to Moscow, Russia, one would have thought.

Ekaterina, who died on the spot, became the sixth young woman to be killed or seriously injured in Russia while she was trying to take the perfect picture.

These other tragedies are supposed to have involved selfies.

"She asked a friend to take her picture with the sunset in the background," a clueless friend wrote on Facebook.

"She liked this kind of photo a lot.

"Then she lost balance or stumbled."

Ekaterina and a friend took pictures of the sunset on the roof of a building

The teenager stumbled and plunged into her death, it is believed

Other devastated friends paid tribute to Ekaterina.

They called the teenager a "ray of sunshine" and a passionate musician.

"Why is the world kidnapping people so happy," wrote one of his companions.

Friends raised money to pay for Ekaterina's funeral, which will take place in Moscow on Thursday.

Police are currently investigating why a door on the roof of the building has been left open.

Devastated friends raised money to pay for Ekaterina's funeral

In similar cases in Russia, teenagers would have tried to capture the perfect selfies on the roofs of high-rise buildings.

Another was "burned alive" after looking for a selfie in an electrical substation.

But in an amazing miracle, 15-year-old Milena Popova survived the 100-foot drop after trying to take a "bold" selfie on the roof to mark her birthday.

The accident occurred in Tyumen, in eastern Russia, last month.

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