A girl abducted by a pedophile at the age of three was reunited with the policemen who had rescued her.

The now 16-year-old girl was crying with delight when she retired Inspector Marcus Beresford-Smith and sergeant Richard Moorhouse, 13 years after her terrible experience.

The victim, who called The Mirror Emma, ​​was brought to her home in Cardiff by Craig Sweeney in January 2006.

This is the moment when a 16-year-old woman thanked the officers who saved her life 13 years ago (Image: Mirrorpix).

Sweeney had already been accused of improperly attacking a six-year-old girl.

He sexually assaulted the young child and drove her down the M4 near Swindon, where the two Wiltshire officers saw him running through a red light with headlights off.

They followed him nearly 20 miles in a rapid chase without the frightened young girl sitting in the front seat.

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Sweeney threw her out of the car to escape, leaving her life-long scars on her head and stomach.

Emma suffered a deep cut on her head and when the officers found her, she asked, "Is the bad man gone?"

Mr. Moorhouse wrapped her in his coat, while Mr. Beresford-Smith dealt with Sweeney.

Craig Sweeney has been detained for at least 12 years for kidnapping, sexually assaulting and throwing the three-year-old out of a raging car (Photo: Reuters)

Both officers believe that Sweeney intended to kill Emma that night because he knew what he had done to her.

As she met her two rescuers today, Emma said, "It was pitch black, then I remember a face that was above me – it was one of my guardian angels. I wanted to meet her all my life to say thank you.

"I can not believe the day is finally here – it's the biggest day of my life."

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But the officers insist that they are not heroes and say that they are only happy that the young girl has become such a balanced young woman and hope she can make the most of her life and live it up.

Sweeney, 38, was sentenced to life imprisonment in June 2006 and is currently waiting to hear whether he will be released on probation.

But for the time being, Emma says she feels safer after meeting her rescuers and having the opportunity to thank them.


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