Oscar Blackall, 20, also destroyed his girlfriend's cell phone (photo: INS News Agency Ltd)

A man who beat his girlfriend with a hammer and kicked him for not giving him his Facebook password was jailed.

Oscar Blackall, 20, burst into tears when the judge explained how obsessed he was with knowing where Alyshia Connorton was at all times.

Reading, Crown Court learned that he had also lost his temper when she decided to watch a movie alone in another room and deliberately broke his laptop by flipping it over.

Judge Emma Nott explained to Blackall how he took a hammer and repeatedly "beat her methodically" to try to force her to give up her newspaper.

She said, "Every time you asked him to connect to Facebook to be able to monitor his activity.

"Every time you hit her harder for your totally unreasonable request. By the time she was hit, she was curled up on the floor.

His girlfriend was found with "a multitude of injuries" (photo: INS News Agency Ltd)

Having been sufficiently tortured, she gave you the details and you are satisfied with what you saw and you let her go, but unfortunately for you, you went to her place of work and you started screaming at her after and you were arrested.

"Even if it's just that you did not cause any fracture, the sustained aggression with a hammer left bruises followed by kicking, leaving the victim black and blue."

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Blackall's attorney told the court that the defendant had already spent 55 days in detention, claiming that the Newbury bombing in Berkshire was "no serious injury".

But the judge refuted his statement by stating, "It is a continuous and deliberate assault with a hammer and he has finished it with his feet. There was a multiplicity of injuries, how is that something other than a bigger injury?

She added, "Fortunately, these blows only caused soft tissue damage, but she had to be seen at the hospital for advice on head injuries. head without surprise. "

The victim asked Blackall to be given a harsher sentence (photo: INS News Agency Ltd)

In a statement from the victim, Connorton wrote that Blackall was "an extremely intelligent and caring person with an extremely promising future" and asked him to be sentenced to a lenient sentence.

She said: "We have been together for so many years, what he did is absolutely wrong, but I have no ill will towards him and I believe he took responsibility for his acts .

"That said, he needs help. I would like him to get enough anger control. "

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Blackall, homeless, was sentenced to 16 months in jail and sentenced to five years in prison.

The judge told her, "The fact that she has several injuries above her body means that it is more serious harm, but in any event, it is clearly a jail sentence because of her vulnerability to being at home and the lasting nature of the attack.

"There are mitigating factors such as your good name and the fact that you are only 20 years old, so you have youth at your side, but I'm not convinced that you really feel remorse for what you have. made.

"The victim's statement shows her constant love for you and she wants you to get help. She feels that you have been sufficiently punished.

"But the court must condemn you for what you have done and the risk you pose. Your use of the hammer in a threatening way to get what you wanted is very detrimental. & # 39;