Global sales of the BMW Group in 2020 down 8% to 2.32 million units

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The German consortium BMW commercialized 2.32 million vehicles worldwide in the whole of 2020, an 8.4% recoil in the year-on-year comparison, while in December its deliveries improved by 3.2%, to 686,069 units, according to data published by the company.

BMW pointed out that in 2020 it was able to comply with the emission requirements of the European Union (EU), thanks mainly to the push that the registrations of electrified vehicles have had in their total volumes.

“We responded to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic with great agility in managing sales and production. As a result, we were successful at the end of the year with a strong fourth quarter and, once again, we lead the premium segment worldwide. “, assured the head of Customer, Brand and Sales of the group, Piete Nota.

The brand BMW ended 2020 with global deliveries of 2.02 million units, 7.2% less, and with 600,799 units sold in the last month of the year, 4.3% more, while Mini reduced its worldwide sales by 15.8% last year, with 292,394 units, and 3.7% monthly, with 84,165 units.

Regarding the registrations of electrified BMW vehicles, the volume of this type of model stood at 192,646 units at the end of 2020, 31.8% more, and 76,246 units in December, 55% more.

The Rolls-Royce firm, for its part, posted a worldwide sales volume of 3,756 units in the year that just ended, 26.4% less, with 1,105 units registered in December, 20.7% less. In addition, the BMW Motorrad motorcycle division reduced its annual registrations by 3.4%, with 169,272 units, and increased them by 3.8% last month, with 39,673 units.


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