A Gloucestershire rescue dog is on the Kennel Club Breeding Club's 2020 calendar.

Fin arrived in Irish Setter Rescue and Rehome after her original owner had a baby and feared that she would not be able to spend enough time with her.

Now four years old, he is happy at home with the owner, Helen Ballinger, of the Forest of Dean.

"I think the story of Fin is important because most people think that rescue dogs are either abused or have a problem," she said.

"This is my first rescue and, in front of him, I would have also supposed that. Rescue dogs come from all walks of life and should in no way be neglected.

"End is an ideal companion, he is happy, friendly and full of energy, he is great with others and with animals.

"I am very pleased that it is included in the calendar and that it is raising awareness of the amazement of rescue dogs."

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The calendar includes 12 stories of dogs that have overcome all the hardships, with sales that have helped raise funds for the charitable foundation of the organization that helps canine well being.

Each of the rescue centers presented receives a donation from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

Irish Setter Rescue and Rehome plans to use the funds to cover veterinary and veterinary drug bills, as well as the costs of resettlement.

Professor Steve Dean, president of the charity, said, "With these great photographs, we can showcase all these exceptional dogs and their wonderful personalities, while highlighting the importance of the work done by the organizations. humanitarian relief for hundreds of dogs across the country.

"Well-being organizations are working so hard to find these dogs their home forever and give them a second chance in life. The rehosting stories of the calendar highlight the importance of a breed that fits your lifestyle as well as the rewarding nature of providing a home to a dog in need.

"It's so important that when you buy a dog, homeowners do extensive research to make sure they buy the right dog for their lifestyle and avoid a lot of dogs find themselves in rescue.

The calendar was launched at Discover Dogs in London in October and is now on sale on the Kennel Club website.

The funds will be used for various projects, such as research on canine diseases and the training of support dogs.