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César González-Bueno continues to complete the new organization chart for Banco Sabadell. The CEO of the entity just signed Gerardo Artiach Morenes, a Bankia executive who has worked for several years with Leopoldo Alvear, Bankia’s former financial director, who after approving the merger of this entity with CaixaBank decided to take advantage of the offer of the new CEO of Sabadell and sign for the bank of Catalan origin.

Of course, Artiach now changes entity and functions. While at Bankia he was director of planning and financial management, currently will become director of investor relations and rating, and it will depend directly on Alvear. This position is newly created, since it is intended to give more relevance to this leg of the bank’s activity.

After this signing, González-Bueno has wanted to give greater relevance to this position in the group, as it now gains influence. In the previous structure of Banco Sabadell, the person in charge of investor relations did not report directly to the financial director, who until Alvear’s arrival this position was held by Tomás Varela. In fact, the IRR structure was located in London, a nerve center in Europe for investment, but somewhat far from the Sabadell leadership, but by gaining influence, in addition to the influence that Brexit has had on this activity in European banks, it has been decided to move this area to Spain.

Artiach has extensive experience with investors, since he also worked at Lehman Brothers. His appointment was approved yesterday by the bank’s appointments committee and communicated to the staff.

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Since the approval of César González Bueno as the new CEO of Sabadell, the organization chart and structure of Banco Sabadell has taken a 180 degree turn. With several signings, but more with numerous exits to lighten the bank’s scheme.

Montes, a history of the bank, responsible for retail banking

Miguel Montes, a historical member of Banco Sabadell, has been appointed the head of private banking, after the frustrated signing of José Luis Abelleira, from the Pichincha group, who has decided to remain in this entity by making a counter offer. Montes will count as second in this division with Jorge Rodríguez Maroto, former director of ING, who was signed by González-Bueno in February, as announced by Cinco Días.


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