Good mix for London

Both national coaches largely spare the final round participants

May 4th, 2021 – In the week after the FINAL FOURs in Mannheim (May 8/9) in London, the German national teams will have their next stop in the Pro League and thus also in preparation for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The national coaches forego a large part of the active players who are in action with their teams in the German finals. Only a few who had recently been out for a longer period of time will also get a chance to show themselves in London. Both teams play on Wednesday and Thursday, 12./13. May, twice against Great Britain.

“The nomination was a bit of a puzzle,” said women’s national coach Xavier Reckinger. “We now have a few players from the perspective squad with us in London who have absolutely deserved it thanks to their strong performances in the Bundesliga season. Great Britain is not only the 2016 Olympic champion, but also very well-rehearsed. They just played a series against Ireland. And we’re coming with a team that has never played together like this before. But what sets this German women’s team apart is that team building is always incredibly fast. From the players who – perhaps after a disappointment in the league – are now taking part and pointing towards the Olympics, I expect that they lead the less experienced players and help shape this team formation. “

Liv Arndt from Cologne will make her debut in London. In total, however, Reckinger has eight players in the squad who have less than ten international matches in terms of experience.

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»The DHB women’s squad in London

“Highly ambitious, but doable!”

In London, men’s national coach Kais al Saadi does without all members of the Olympic squad who take part in the Final Four tournaments in Germany and the Netherlands. In coordination with the junior national coaches, he has deliberately assigned the places that remain vacant due to this measure to U21 players who have tried and tested the Bundesliga. Thus Antheus Barry from Cologne, Christopher Kutter from UHC and Erik Kleinlein from Mannheim are making their debuts in the A-national team in London.

“We’re sticking to our goal of winning official internationals,” said al Saadi. “This is certainly extremely ambitious in this constellation, but still feasible. A lot is at stake for the players in the Olympic squad. My expectation is that these players will lead our youngsters and debutants, as they did brilliantly last time in Buenos Aires. No matter how the team is made up, if we show the recently visible Honamas attributes of unity, spirit and a top attitude on the defensive, the games will be great fun again. And experience has shown that a happy atmosphere always increases the likelihood of success. “

»The DHB men’s squad in London

The game plan:

Wednesday May 12th
6.30 p.m. *: Great Britain – Germany (men)
9:00 p.m. *: Great Britain – Germany (women)

Thursday May 13th
6.30 p.m. *: Great Britain – Germany (men)
9:00 p.m. *: Great Britain – Germany (women)
* given in CEST

The games are live in Germany at DAZN to see.

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