Avengers endgame star Chris Hemsworth, who has conquered the hearts of millions around the world with his explicit role as Thor, is coming to India. The actor will perform in India this month for just a week-long shoot. This message is not only good news, but an emotional moment for all fans. Since last year they are waiting for the actor to visit the country again.

The actor comes to shoot for his upcoming Netflix movie "Dhaka," and has planned some parts for it in India. On October 20, the actor will reach Mumbai and move on to Ahmedabad after filming. As for the movie Dhaka, the actors from Hollywood and India get together and were asked to dedicate their last two weeks only to the project.

At noon, filming will take place in the parts of Dharavi and Byculla, as well as in some parts of Ahmedabad. They have also scheduled their shooting in Indonesia for two days, and if everything goes according to plan, they could finish filming by October 30. This will be the second time that Hemsworth comes to India for his Netflix movie Dhaka shoot. Previously, he shot the parts in Mumbai and Ahmedabad and planned the filming again for the same place, but in different places.