The apocalypse is near and we can not stop smiling: The release date of Good Omens has finally been confirmed.

Amazon Prime Video has confirmed that the highly anticipated adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's novel will be Published on Friday, May 31, 2019,

The series with David Tennant and Michael Sheen is being released worldwide on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service. It will also air on BBC2 in the UK at a later date.

In addition to the release date, Amazon also showed a first look at the series' main titles as well as a series of sexy pictures – just enough to bridge us to Armageddon.

Take a look at the beautifully crazy title sequence below.

Author Neil Gaiman is executive producer and has written all six episodes of the series based on his and the late Terry Pratchett bestselling novel.

"When people usually say," How is it? "Do you really want to say something like 'It's Casablanca in Space' or whatever. You want to compare it other thingsGaiman said when asked how the adaptation of the good omen will look on screen.

"Good omens have been this thing from the beginning, and none exist thing to compare it. There has never been anything like it, and we do it, so it is itself. That's incredibly liberating and frightening at the same time. "

Former Doctor Who star David Tennant and star of sex actor Michael Sheen are the demon Crowley and the angel Aziraphale, an uncommon duo that band together to stop the apocalypse.


Michael Sheen and David Tennant in Good Omens (Amazon Prime Video)

Jon Hamm, Frances McDormand, Nick Offerman, Jack Whitehall, Miranda Richardson, Adria Arjona, Michael McKean, Anna Maxwell Martin and Mireille Enos are just a few of the names of the Allstars.

The series is directed by Sherlock and Doctor Who director Douglas Mackinnon.

Gaiman, Mackinnon, Sheen and Tennant gathered at a Television Critics Association press conference to announce the release date.

Amazon has released new images of Good Omens stars Michael Sheen and David Tennant in Character (Amazon Prime Video).

Amazon has released new images of Good Omen's stars Michael Sheen and David Tennant in the role of the angel Aziraphale and the Demon Crowley (Amazon Prime Video).

While the series began as a BBC production, Gaiman said that the broadcaster quickly realized that he needed a co-production partner to do the book justice.

"Good Omens started living with the BBC, and the BBC said," It's way too big for us, we need a kind of partner, "Gaiman said in 2018." And we went to Amazon who said, "We do not, I really want to be your partner, we like it when you did it for us."

However, the series will be aired on BBC2 after its debut on Amazon Prime Video on a later, unconfirmed date.

Good Omens will be released on Friday, May 31, 2019 on Amazon Prime Video