Good weather and higher sales on the close of the week

The week of good weather generated a moderately agile operation in the course of the morning and with a higher level of placement on Thursday morning, where businesses are concentrated towards the end of the week, where traditional Salta clients were also received , also to buyers from the entire region north of the Río Negro.
Throughout the week, factors such as the volume of supply and the variability of quality in some products have been the key to price fluctuations, beyond demand. In items such as the red bell pepper, highly sought after this week, prices were good and on the rise, while sales accompanied this need for demand, while the green bell maintained its price level due to its abundant supply.
The tomato maintains an abundant supply, with prices that are positioned downwards in the perita and cherry varieties, while the round tomato (American type) the references are up. In the case of the expert, it went from 40 to 45 pesos per kilo to 33 pesos this week, while the Cherry, which traded between 50 and 60 pesos, became between 50 and 55 pesos. However, the round tomato, the most used in the family table, went from 21 pesos on average to 29 pesos this week, according to the weekly price report from Avanza Salto Hortícola.
With the scarcity of the supply of potatoes in the market, due to the end of the harvest in the south of the country, the values ​​in the market registered increases in their prices. In this sense, the white potato imported from Brazil traded at 48 pesos on average and the pink one of national origin went from 42 pesos to 46 pesos per kilogram to the wholesaler.
For products such as zucchini and carrot sweet potato, abundant supply levels are registered according to the report, where they register different behavior of values, while the zucchini is trading down, the sweet potato does so on the rise.
In the case of fruits, the apple has different prices, which vary according to the quality of the items offered in the commercial plaza. The supply of bananas is scarce with prices on the rise, while peaches from the south of the country begin to enter to rebuild the supply due to the shortage of the product of Salta origin.
Good quality citrus continues with an upward trend in its prices, while strawberry registers low prices despite the scarce supply and that the harvested is placed quickly.
Watermelon, melon, plum and grapes are products that have increased their presence in the two wholesale surfaces of Salta during the week.

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