good weather, sun and heat to enjoy the long weekend

The afternoon is announced as hot and partly cloudy, ideal for a walk through the city parks or a break on the beach – the Florida season starts today – as long as the health protocols for the prevention of covid: mask, social distance and hand hygiene.

The maximum temperature is estimated at 30 degrees, the humidity of 60%, the pressure of 1010.8 hectopascals and the wind will be calm, blowing from the east at 15 km / hour. For tomorrow, Sunday, it is expected to be slightly cloudy, so the sun will hit harder, so the afternoon will be torrid, reaching a maximum temperature of 34 degrees.

For Monday, which is commemorated National Sovereignty Day in honor of the battle of the Return of Obligado of 1845 and it is a national holiday, good weather is also expected. Only on Tuesday, with the return to routine, the weather will deteriorate: a cloudy, humid and very hot day is expected that, in the afternoon, will break into isolated storms.

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