In Google I / O, last year, Google previewed a new navigation system on Google Maps that takes you to places using AR. The company first spoke about the new experiences in May 2018 and finally began testing the system with real users, starting with a small group of local guides.

The new navigation system uses your camera to give instructions for augmented reality. WSJ was able to preview the new experience. According to the release, you can simply open Maps and click on the Start AR button. Google Maps lets you use the new system. The system will first ask you to move the phone so it can pinpoint where you are, and then provide directions. You can just hold up your phone, and Google Maps gives you concrete instructions in the real world. The idea is pretty cool anyway.

But of course, the safest idea is not to look at the phone when you're walking around. And so this new experience actually warns you to drop your phone and just check the instructions for a moment. The idea is that you simply set up your phone to see which curve you need to take, then lower the phone until you get to the next step. This also helps save the battery life of your phone as the user interface simply switches to the normal map interface when you shut down your phone.

The new AR-based navigation of Google Maps will be a really important step for navigation once the feature is available to all. Although Google Maps and other navigation apps make it incredibly easy to get there, it's still incredibly difficult to figure out exactly where you're going, especially in new cities. This new AR-based navigation seems to be promising in this respect.

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