The wreck of a Titanic-style ship was spotted off the coast of Japan in a bizarre clip, a conspirator claims.

In the past, Google Maps has uncovered hidden secrets around the world, such as the tragic fate of a "flying rabbit" crossing the road.

The clip starts with the TikTok user zooming in on Japan.

Zooming into a harbor on Oshima Island reveals a shady object lurking underwater.

As the video zooms in, it becomes clear that the shadow is shaped like a ship.

Although other boats were positioned at the edges, the military ship shaped shadow was below the water surface.

The unknown shipwreck was arrested in front of the camera
The unknown shipwreck was arrested in front of the camera

The screen says, "They lied about the Titanic."

The clip was uploaded to Reddit hours ago and has since received an 82% revaluation from the audience.

One person said, "I checked Google Maps, it's there."

Another asked, "What's going on in this video?"

It is not known which ship it is or if it is a real ship at all.

They added, "No programmer salvage crew has dared to remove them from the final resting place."

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Google Earth secrets

It's quite common for Google Maps to take bizarre sightings.

Just weeks ago, a map was taken in a very compromising position.

A middle-aged man was filmed in a baseball cap with pants and underpants around his knees.

The pale back of the guy is clearly visible and it seems like he was caught in the middle of a sneaky dump.