Gordon Ramsay's son Oscar is his mini-me, it's official (Image: Instagram)

We're not quite sure how a four-month-old baby might look like Gordon Ramsay, 52. Alright, but honest, it's scary.

The Michelin-starred chef did a sweet trick on Monday with his fifth child, Oscar, in bed, and the boy is his real doppelganger.

At that moment, Oscar cuddles up to his toy monkey (our heart) and looks spellbound from the television, while a presumably exhausted Gordon proudly shines into the camera.

Gordon, who recently announced that he'd like to have an igloo worth £ 40,000 in his backyard, tagged the delightful shot titled "Monday Morning with Daddy."

The chef cuddled his four-month-old in a sweet snapshot (Image: Instagram)

We're not the only ones who noticed that Oscar has exactly the same face as Gordon.

The fans of the Hell's Kitchen star flocked to the comments to marvel at the similarity between father and son.

"Was there ever a baby that looked more like his father?" One fan asked, while another commented, "It's like the same person."

And the youngest Ramsay is already building up his social media profile because he has his own Instagram account (managed by his big sister Matilda) on which the photo was published.

It's like looking at the same person twice (Image: Instagram)

It is also an instant hit, with a very famous follower – Brooklyn Beckham, who is a good friend of the Ramsay clan.

Gordon and his wife Tana welcomed Oscar in April with possibly the world's best baby announcement post.

The TV star shared a moment when Tana cuddled her newborn baby and wrote, "After 3 Baftas and one Emmy … we finally won an Oscar, please welcome Oscar James Ramsay, who is at 12:58 pm today Lunch ran aground! "

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The couple also has 21-year-old daughter Megan, Matilda, 17, and 19-year-old twins Jack and Holly.

And while Matilda still lives under the roof of Ramsay, the three oldest siblings have all cleared the housekeeping.

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