Gran Canaria FS consolidates its leadership after a great first half in the visit to Arsenal VSB

Good staging of Suso Méndez’s pupils (3-8) who dominated, especially during the first half, after the accident of the tie (1-1). Gran Canaria once again showed their ability to wear out with an ambitious game that allowed them to enjoy a placid finish. Adrián Orellana stood out with 3 goals and Jonás Chávez with another 2 goals

The Santa Brígida Pavilion hosted the duel between Arsenal VSB, fourth-placed in Group 6B of the 2nd Division B of Futsal, and Gran Canaria FS, which sought to add its fourth victory in four games to continue at the top of the table.

Good start visitor

The leader was looking for the rival goal in a very vertical exit despite being a visitor. Juanillo was about to enjoy the first chance in the second minute of play after a great heel pass from Adrián Orellana, but the defense went ahead of the yellow striker to abort the opportunity for the capital’s side.

Suso Méndez’s men took the ball quickly through the high pressure that did not decrease in intensity due to the Gran Canaria relays, which were more than in the rival. Enrique Martínez would score the first precisely after leaving the bench (0-1, minute 5).

Far from decomposing after the blow, Arsenal quickly found the equalizer in a long ball from the local goalkeeper that caused a 2 against 2 in the yellow area. José Luis Patiño sending the ball into the net after a rebound (1-1. Minute 6).

Exchange of blows in a phase of the match with both teams competing as equals. Enrique enjoyed a one-on-one with Javier Gordillo, the Satauteño goalkeeper, in a similar play after Alberto Barranquero’s long pass, but was knocked down from behind by the last defender when he had already passed the rival goalkeeper. Both teams were looking for the opposite goal with direct passes that broke several lines.

On the counter and ending in a two against one with perfect execution, Jonás Chávez would once again advance Gran Canaria after a pass from Abi Ramírez (1-2, minute 9). The people from the capital would not lose control of the marker again.

They began to wear the yellows to the rival from the game with the ball of fast movements and showing great quality in the pass. The pressure suffocated Arsenal on their area and gave results with the second by Jonás (1-3, minute 11) and the first by Orellana (1-4, minute 12) to Juanillo’s pass from the right and who entered after hitting the ball on the crossbar.

The local coach, Antonio Santana, decided to go out with a goalkeeper-player at that moment, but Juanillo scared in Arsenal’s first offensive by threatening to score from outside the area after a recovery in the rival field.

It would be Orellana who would end up solving another superiority to Juanillo’s pass after recovering away from the visitor’s goal (1-5, minute 14).

The midfield box was not going to give up and would get a prize in very vertical actions before the break (2-5, minute 16).

The wear and tear of Suso Méndez’s pupils was taking its toll on Arsenal and the end of the first half would become a succession of occasions for Gran Canaria thanks to an integral pressure that allowed them to recover numerous balls over the rival area.

A different second half

Víctor López would relieve Alberto after passing through the changing rooms, as is usual this season. Otherwise, more of the same in the competition. The yellow team was not satisfied with the result and fought the possibility of playing the ball from the aggressive defense. Juanillo crashed his shot off a defender after the first recovery in three quarters of the second half.

The work of the 10 visitor would end up finding its reward (2-6, minute 23) and the duel seemed decided when Arsenal went for all with 5 outfield players.

Ale Tortu put an end to the local illusions (2-7, minute 26) just before Patiño instilled enough courage in his teammates to not stop the effort (3-7, minute 27).

The inexorable passage of the minutes revealed the accumulated fatigue in the legs of the local squad and again the yellow occasions happened. A great three-on-two combination would end goalie and stick as Arsenal heroes.

Orellana would put the icing on the cake by placing it in the squad after the rejection of the rival goalkeeper to Juanillo’s shot (3-8, minute 36).


Match corresponding to the 4th round of Group 6B of the 2nd Division B of Futsal, played at the Santa Brígida Pavilion.

Referees: Jorge Sánchez and José Manuel Sánchez. Admonished: Aythami González, Christian Padrón and Jacob Pérez at Arsenal VSB and Alexis Santana (sent off for a double warning) and Alberto Barranquero at Gran Canaria FS.

Arsenal VSB (3): Javier Gordillo; José Patiño (2), David Barrios, Jesús González (1) and Aythami González. They also played: Arturo Rodríguez; Enrique Frade, Chirstian Padrón, Jacob Pérez, Alfonso Miguel, Ismael López and Víctor Ortiz.

Gran Canaria FS (8): Alberto Barranquero; Aithor Barrera, Alexandre Xandó, Adrián Orellana (3) and Juanillo Bolaños (1). They also played: Víctor López; Abimael Ramírez, Ale Tortu (1), Enrique Martínez (1), Alexis Santana, Ricky Rodríguez, Julio Delgado and Jonás Chávez (2).

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