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Probably because they have been months and months with very few cases of coronavirus, the Greek islands are sweeping Mallorca in travel reservations in Tui Germany, according to FVW, the specialized tourism newspaper.

Currently, Tui already has 2.8 million vacation travel bookings for this summer, just 56 percent compared to a normal year, although with prices 20 percent higher than usual. The wholesaler is taking advantage of “a great appetite for travel” to collect a bonus that, in any case, will come in handy for its ailing treasury.

The destination with the most demand at the beginning of February are the Greek islands, but next are the Canaries, also above the Balearic Islands, traditionally in front of the reserves. The five best-selling destinations are, in this order, Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, Gran Canaria, Rhodes, Tenerife and Antalia, in Turkey. The wholesaler, however, considers that as soon as there is more positive news from both Turkey and the Balearic Islands, sales should pick up.

FVW publishes that Marek Andryszak, Tui’s general director for Germany said that “Greece starts the season with the tail wind” but that traditional Spanish destinations will recover.

Tui confirms that travelers are looking above all for flexibility given the great uncertainty that currently exists. Two-thirds of bookings are flexible, with an additional price tag. This means that they can be canceled up to fourteen days before the trip.

Belgian and Dutch customers of Tui prefer Antalia followed by Crete and Rhodes, with Mallorca and Tenerife next; the French prefer Sicily, followed by Greek destinations.

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