Green and blue groups defend stance on abortion at PRM meeting

SANTO DOMINGO.- Representatives of the feminist groups that promote the three causes and those that defend that the criminalization of abortion be maintained delivered a document to the executive leadership of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) requesting support for their positions regarding the provisions of Article 37 of the Constitution of the Republic.

The issue of the decriminalization of abortion arrived this afternoon at the gates of the PRM when the pro-causal and pro-life groups expressed their position before the leadership of the ruling party.

The feminists, who surprisingly appeared at the PRM national house, stated that they made the visit in order to get the party to support the causes.

Nathalia Mármol, spokesperson for feminist groups, considered that it is a necessity that the project include the grounds that exempt anyone who interrupts a pregnancy from criminal action.

While the blue-colored group that calls itself the pro-lifers insisted on their rejection of the decriminalization of abortion being included in the draft amendment to the Penal Code.

They claim that dark sectors are pressing for the culture of death to be established in the country.

The PRM received the documents with the proposals of both groups to socialize with the party leadership.

The Chamber of Deputies has not yet completed the full reading of the report on the reform of the Penal Code, which includes article 110 of the more than 400 that the controversial project has.

Full declarations:


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