Greensboro orders emergency declaration due to COVID-19 rise

The city of Greensboro is under an emergency declaration.

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan issued the order Friday afternoon, November 20, to reinforce Executive Order 176 of Governor Roy Cooper. The order requires the use of face masks in North Carolina and reduces the limits of people indoors.

Mayor Vaughan said that the declaration It will take effect at 5:00 pm on Friday, November 20 and will remain in effect until it is modified or removed.

It is state of emergency improved does not include additional regulationsVaughan said. This is an effort to enforce existing regulations, allowing the city manager to deploy employees as needed.

Those who do not comply will be fined

The city said it will cite and fine businesses that violate the order. That includes a fine of 100 for each person who is on the premises or in any business that exceeds the limits imposed by the order.

The fine will be a civil penalty and will be imposed by city employees, such as firefighters.

The city will issue a warning first. The second violation will include citing and issuing an immediate closure order for a period of 24 hours. The third violation would force the company to close for a period of 48 hours and the company would also be cited. The company would shut down for 72 hours if a violation was detected a fourth time.

I want all businesses to remain open safely and to send our children back to school safelyVaughan said. Until a vaccine is available, we must work together to stop the spread of COVID-19 by practicing 3-Ws (Use, Wait, and Wash). Prevention is the key. Support our local business by using curbside or delivery options, especially if you can’t wear a mask.

Requirements that must be met in offices and companies

Offices and companies must meet, among other things, the following specific requirements:

  • Check the capacity limit on all entrances
  • Meet capacity limitations
  • Indicating that one must cover the face, over the mouth and nose, is a requirement to enter any office or business.
  • All employees who interact with the public must have a face mask
  • Any employee who cannot maintain social distance must wear a face mask
  • Social distancing must be maintained
  • Hand sanitizer must be provided

For more information on resources and guides on how offices and businesses can operate safely in the context of this COVID-19 pandemic, visit the web pages of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services for guidance and your COVID-19 dashboard.

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