Greta Thunberg politely treated a rowdy after being interrupted during a speech in the United States.

The activist was delivering a speech at a climate change rally in North Carolina when someone started screaming in cheers from the crowd.

One could hear the woman in the crowd saying, in what appeared to be the Swedish mother tongue of the teenager: "Greta, I came here today to catch your eye.

"I have to talk to you – it's very, very important"

The video footage of the moment shows the teenager suspending her speech and allowing the rowdy to finish speaking.

"I think if you want to talk to me personally, maybe you can do it later," Thunberg told the woman in the crowd.

The 16-year-old's response elicited applause from crowd members before the activist finally resumed her call for support.

"It's young people who represent the future, but we do not have time to grow up and become leaders," Thunberg said.

"We need to tackle the climate and the ecological emergency right now."

In August, Ms. Thunberg embarked on a two-week journey aboard a high-tech yacht to avoid traveling to the United States.

She traveled to speak at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York, where she told world leaders, including Donald Trump: "You stole my dreams and my childhood with your empty words."

The climate activist, who became famous after leading strikes in schools for climate action last year, traveled the United States and Canada to deliver speeches and parades.

In San Francisco, a huge eight-story wall mural of the teenager has recently appeared.