JLS singer Oritse Williams poses in court for selfies

POSE: JLS singer Oritse Williams today with fans in court (Image: SWNS)

Oritse, 31, is accused of raping waitress 20 after recalling her to his hotel room on 2 December 2016.

He and his buddy Jamien Nagadhana, 31, were arrested after the woman claimed she had been raped at the Ramanda Park Hotel in Wolverhampton.

Nagadhana of Hounslow, London, denies the attack by invading the same incident.

The duo were released on bail pending a lawsuit before the same court in May.

Judge Nicholas Webb said, "Her trial is now scheduled for May 14. Her bail will continue until that date.

JLS singer Oritse Williams in court

CASE: Oritse Williams made leaving the court (Image: SWNS)

"If you have decided not to appear, the study may continue in your absence."


"I have requested that you provide a detailed defense statement, and if you do not appear that day, you will be serving a term of imprisonment.

"If you have decided not to appear, the study may continue in your absence."

Outside the court Oritse later posed with supporters who had turned to him for a selfie.

He was seen posing with a child in his arms for a photo as he smiled next to a man and two women.

The robbery was said to have taken place when the wife and a friend returned to the hotel after the concert at the Gorgeous Nightclub.

JLS singer Oritse Williams in court

SAMPLE: Oritse Williams returns to Wolverhampton Crown Court in May (Image: SWNS)

JLS singer Oritse Williams in court

SNAPS: Fans turned to Oritse Williams in court (Image: SWNS)

He had been there to promote the new album Waterline.

They left, but the woman came back to fetch her handbag that had left her in the room, claiming that she was being attacked at the time.

After being arrested, a spokesman for him said: "Oritse denies the allegations against him.

"The matter is in the hands of the police and it would be completely wrong if we continue to comment."

JLS became known on X Factor in 2008, after finishing second to Alexandra Burke and selling over ten million records.


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