James Gunn

Months after his release from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for historic offensive jokes, James Gunn is back as director of Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 3, According to deadlineAfter several meetings with Disney President Alan Horn, the filmmaker is back in control and uses the script he gave before his release.

While Gunn was announced as a director of The suicide command, a sequel reboot of DC's Anti-Hero movie – it sounds like he's still doing this movie before he returns to Marvel to shoot Guardians Vol. 3, The next Guardian Movie will drop in Phase 4 of the MCU and is likely to be set before the events of Infinity War and endgame, as well as Guardians Vol. 2 was placed directly after the original.

Stay tuned for more information on the situation soon – and in the meantime, turn the Awesome Mixes.

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