Guayaquil begins to administer deworming to see if covid stops

This content was published on 11 January 2021 – 20:55

Quito, Jan 11 (EFE) .- The mayor of Guayaquil, Cynthia Viteri, participated this Monday in the launch of a deworming campaign involved in controversy because it will provide the population with Invermectin pills, a drug that is believed to help fight the covid -19.

Since the announcement a few weeks ago of the acquisition of two million doses of the drug to “deworm the population in a massive way”, the campaign has generated the rejection of several doctors, although the mayor recalled that it has been “always used” as antiparasitic.

“If the world is saying that this protects against covid and that it can be an alternative, it is already an additional coverage that nobody expects,” Viteri said recently before adding that “if this does not happen, simply everyone will be dewormed in the city of Guayaquil “.

Today he stressed in statements to the media that it is a “parasite”, “a drug used in humans for more than twenty years”, and that a follow-up will be done to “see what kind of additional protection” it offers.


Viteri advanced that the doctors will go to the homes of Guayaquil residents to carry out medical check-ups in the 24 sectors of the city and will report on the program, which will be applied with the prior consent of the citizen.

The health staff will monitor each of the people taking the medicine.

In the first phase, it is expected to deworm one million inhabitants of the coastal city, by administering two doses of the drug, explained the mayor, who asked citizens not to self-medicate.

The medicine will be delivered after studying each case, since pregnant and lactating women, as well as those with kidney and liver problems, cannot take Invermectin.

“This is a deworming campaign that starts today” with a product “about which there has been talk, worldwide, that could have a kind of protection in a disease that has devastated the population, but that is not known why not there is nothing to cure the covid so far, “he stressed.

Viteri regretted that there is a “progressive and sustained” increase, although minimal, in cases in Guayaquil, a city that in March and April was the epicenter of the pandemic in the country, with the collapse of the health and funeral systems, which forced many to live with their deceased in their homes for several days.

In Ecuador there are more than 221,000 cases of covid-19 confirmed by PCR tests and, according to the records of the Ministry of Public Health, Guayaquil is the second city with the highest number of infections in the country with 20,163 cases, after the capital, Quito, which reports 71,802 positives.


The Infectious Diseases Society of the province of Guayas, whose capital is Guayaquil, has recalled that Invermectin is used for the treatment of some parasites in humans and advises against its use in its veterinary presentation in people.

He pointed out that the false perception of safety when using the drug “reduces adherence to biosafety measures that have been shown to reduce the risk of transmission.”

The Society added that the clinical studies in humans in which the drug has been used against the coronavirus are laboratory tests, which “does not determine that it can and should be used both as a preventive and as a treatment in SARS-CoV-2 infection. “.

For its part, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported last November that it did not recommend any specific medication to prevent or treat covid-19 infection.

“Some specific treatments are being studied and will be tested in clinical trials. WHO is helping streamline research and development with a number of partners,” he said on his website. EFE


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