Guess: Who is the player who thinks he is more than Messi and Cristiano together? | News from El Salvador

One track, he is Mexican and has played in great teams, but now they can’t stand him where he is

In football, and in the world, for the taste of colors. But the numbers speak of certainties and, in order not to enter into debates of who is better, let’s make it clear that Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are two of the greatest talents in the history of this sport.

But there is someone who believes more than them, or at least that is what their colleagues say. He is someone we know very well in El Salvador because the Selecta has faced him in commitments in the past.

It is worth saying that his talent has taken him around the world. He made his debut in Guadalajara, and then he was in the Premier League, no less than in Manchester United. Did you get it right?

His goals were not in large numbers, but they were higher than average. In the Aztec box, he scored 26 in 64 appearances. And in English, 37 at 103.

Then he went on loan to Real Madrid, with which he did not finish achieving a position. There he played 23 times and scored seven goals before making the jump to the Bundesliga.

There he was with Bayern Leverkusen, where he stood out with 28 goals in 54 games. And he went back to the Premier League, with a new air and great gifts. He was hired by West Ham United, but his performance was no longer as expected. He finished with 16 points in 55 appearances.

He returned to Spain, where he was with Sevilla and, in nine games, he scored once. They barely took it into account and he left for the LA Galaxy this year, where he arrived as a great signing, but, after nine games and just a little, they no longer love him so much.

And it is that their own companions have affirmed that they hardly speak to each other. In fact, one of these revealed to ESPN collaborator Diego Cora that he only talks with another player, of origin Mexican by the way, just like him.

It is nothing about Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, who they say should be better retired.

“They began to tell me more details about the legend. It is Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi together, it is believed. As I said. He comes, they only speak with a player of the same nationality, I imagine it must be Jonathan dos Santos, with the rest they do not speak, the players look at him from the side and he thinks he is a mega star, “said the journalist, who narrated that inside The team already see him as a striker who should be retired because his performance is not as expected.

“When I was in Leverkusen, I had to cover him once, and many around the club said he was an ‘ego man’. In West Ham they told me something similar and now the same. One of his teammates says that he thinks he is Cristiano Ronaldo and is a former player, ”said Cora.

Javier Hernández, celebrating his two goals in the Premier League. Photo @WestHamUtd


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