Under special sign stands the conclusion of the concert season of the Landestheater. For the first time, the Royal Choral Society London will be performing on Monday (8th July, 8pm) in the Morizkirche. The guest performance of the renowned choir under the musical direction of Richard Cooke is the answer to the first guest performance of the Philharmonic Orchestra Landestheater Coburg at the end of May in London. Under the direction of Coburg's General Music Director Roland Kluttig and Richard Cooke, the Philharmonic Orchestra and the Royal Choral Society had performed works by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

"Coburg Connection"

The occasion for the London guest performance of the Landestheater was the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The London guest performance of the State Theater was under the motto "The Coburg Connection". Coburg's GMD Roland Kluttig hopes the two joint concerts will revive the connections between London and Coburg.

The concert in the Morizkirche is dedicated exclusively to works by the British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, whose opera "Riders to the Sea" was directed by Tobias Heyder in June 2016 as the Coburg premiere. The program will kick off with one of Ralph Vaughan Williams' best-known works, the Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis, composed in 1910 and premiered. As the name suggests, Vaughan Williams draws on a melody by the English Renaissance composer Thomas Tallis.

Fresh from his trip to France during which he had studied with Ravel Orchestration,

On the other hand, he composed a work for three differently sized string ensembles in order to create a special spatial effect and an exceptional soundscape.

The main work of the evening, however, is the monumental First Symphony entitled "A Sea Symphony". The work is designed as a multi-part choral symphony and offers the chorus many demanding tasks with a large orchestra. The Royal Choral Society will interpret the work together with the Chorus of the Landestheater.

Choral Symphony

The "Sea Symphony" also features two solo voices. This part will be performed by the soprano Olga Shurshina, who has been a member of the Landestheater's ensemble since the beginning of this season, as well as guest of the baritone Daniel Ochoa. Vaughan Williams was 30 years old when he started composing. In addition to Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 8, written at about the same time, the "Sea Symphony" is one of the first symphonies to use the chorus as a permanent element and an integral part of the score. With a playing time of around 70 minutes, it is the longest of Vaughan Williams' symphonies. The text is based on Walt Whitman's poetry cycle "Leaves of Grass".

Around the symphony concert in the Morizkirche

7th symphony concert Monday, July 8, 8 pm

program Ralph Vaughan Williams "Fantasy on a Theme by Thomas Tallis"

Ralph Vaughan Williams

Symphony No. 1 (A Sea Symphony)

occupation Olga Shurshina (soprano), Daniel Ochoa (baritone); Royal Choral Society London, musical direction and choir rehearsal Richard Cooke; Choir of the State Theater Coburg (rehearsal: Mikko Sidoroff)

Philharmonic Orchestra Landestheater Coburg

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