Guillermo Pirce, father of the judicial officer detained with an arsenal: “He is a friend of many police and Investigation officials” | Ex-Ante

The former governor of Malleco and former deputy mayor of La Araucanía in the first government of Michelle Bachelet, Guillermo Pirce, says that his son supported the Mapuche territorial demands and that he met Emilio Berkhoff – the former CAM member who is in prison at the university. preventive in a drug trafficking case – but that he does not believe that this has radicalized him or even that he has leaked information to which he had access as an official of the Traiguén court. She says that her son had a revolver and that at least once he went to a shooting club with police friends, but that is not the same as being in the hands of an arsenal of war. “That will have to prove it,” he says.

“I have no doubt that this has an important political component.” Guillermo Pirce, former governor of Malleco and former deputy mayor of La Araucanía during the first government of Michelle Bachelet, lives in the house next to his son’s in Traiguén, a city of 19,000 inhabitants located 70 kilometers northwest of Temuco.

  • The courtroom officer of the Court of Traiguén was arrested on April 5 and charged the next day for violating the laws of gun and drug control, after his house was searched for a complaint that he kept marijuana plants in his house. home.
  • Carabinieri seized 390 grams of TNT, ammunition and weapons from his house from the 1980s, but in working order: a 7.62 caliber FAL rifle, a 9-millimeter non-branded or serialized submachine gun, a 45-caliber Colt pistol, a revolver .38 caliber and a 22 caliber rifle without ammunition. They also seized 2 grams of cannabis sativa.
  • The prosecution is investigating the origin of the weapons and whether he used his position in the Judiciary to filter information on causes of rural violence.
  • Juan Pablo Pirce, 39, is in preventive prison at the Llancahue de Valdivia prison complex. He was born on May 2 and spent his birthday in prison.
  • He was initially defended by the Public Criminal Defense Office but last week the lawyer Rodrigo Román, from the NGO Popular Defense, assumed his representation.
  • He entered the Judiciary on December 17, 2009 and worked for the next 11 years as a courtroom officer in the Court of Traiguén.
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How do you explain that the police seized an arsenal from your son’s home?

I do not know that. It could have been that Juan Pablo had a pistol or a revolver in his house, I had one (his) in my house and that night I passed that revolver to the police with its proper inscription, with the corresponding documentation, as far as the best Juan Pablo had a revolver in his house or a pistol, as they say.

The police not only seized a revolver or a pistol, but also war rifles and explosives …

I do not know that. I don’t have to believe that those things were in Juan Pablo’s house; they will have to prove it. If they can prove it scientifically, well, we will have to assume that it was so, because it is established that way, but that is something they have to prove.

Why did he have weapons?

Here there is a fishing and hunting club that has a shooting range on the banks of the river (…) and Juan Pablo, on some occasion, with other sportsmen like him, went to practice. Juan Pablo works in court, or used to work in court, and knows the police, he is a friend of many police officers, Investigative officials, people from many public services, athletes, and once he told me that he had gone to practice shooting with his friends.

As he got on the Gendarmerie car, his son shouted three words: “Autonomy, territory, freedom.” Do you defend Mapuche territorial demands?

Of course, he is a defender of the rights demanded by the Mapuche people, no more than that. That was always his feeling and his opinion regarding the Mapuche demand in Chile today.

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Did you ever have problems in the Judiciary?

He never caused problems, because that was his personal opinion, his feelings, and beyond commenting on these things or talking about them in the family circle and with his friends, it was never more than that. An expression of an opinion, of an option, of a political definition.

Did that definition lead to a validation of violence?

No, I think not. I saw him very dedicated to his work, he was a person who worked a lot.

The prosecution and the Judiciary are investigating whether he leaked antecedents of causes of rural violence.

That is another craving; It is another statement like the one made by that senior official (the undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli) who said that 600 people could have died with the explosives in his house, it has the same validity. Maybe he could have done it, in the sense that he had access to information that ordinary people don’t have, but I think Juan Pablo would never have done something like that.

Did you have ties with Emilio Berkhoff, who after breaking relations with Héctor Llaitul of the Arauco Malleco Coordinator (CAM) joined the Weichan Auka Mapu (WAM) group and is today in preventive detention for a drug cause?

Beyond some contemporary experience from when I was a student at the Catholic University in Temuco, I never heard from Juan Pablo that he had any connection with Berkhoff. We later learned that he had had a drug problem, but he had nothing to do with it.

At that time, did you maintain ties with Bernardita Chacano Calfunao, a member of the Juan Calbucura de Chol-Chol community and a member of the CAM?

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I don’t know about her, she’s not in my books. I myself had links with many people at university and I learned a lot from life, but that is part of how human beings are formed, but uniting one thing with the other is done by people who are predisposed, who want to harm another. person. Linking one profile with the other is done by people who have a predisposition.

How is your son in the Valdivia jail?

One of the biggest concerns we had as a family was that Pablo could have a crisis and become depressed locked up, with all that it means to be isolated. But luckily, and thank goodness, it’s okay. We have seen it well, because we communicate by Zoom when it is authorized to call and we have seen it physically well, mentally well. I was very anxious, very afraid that he would be depressed, because he has a tendency to depression and fortunately we have seen it very well. I am 71 years old, I don’t know if I would have had the strength to endure what he is being able to endure today.

What reflection do you make as a family of what has happened?

This begins with an alleged anonymous complaint from February in terms that Pablo had a marijuana plantation in his house, but I have no doubt that this has a very important political component. We have a political position; I am a member of the Party for Democracy and therefore we have a figuration.

What background do you have to say that this was a political maneuver?

I have no suspicions, I have no concrete facts and I am not even sure that someone has actually denounced it. Because the complaint was that there was a marijuana plantation in his house or that he was trafficking, and that is an absolute falsehood, completely unrelated to reality.


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