Haas at the 2020 F1 Turkish GP: Saturday

Grosjean: “I didn’t drive well and I’m out of the game”

Magnussen: “With a double yellow flag you have to abort, not just lift your foot”

Haas was unable to take advantage of the rain to score a good result in qualifying for the Turkish GP. Romain Grosjean was left out early after getting stuck in the gravel and Kevin Magnussen was on the verge of entering Q2. The Dane left very angry that all the drivers improved their double yellow flag lap, something the stewards are investigating.

Romain Grosjean (19th, 18th will start):

“In general, I think I did not drive well. In my first lap I did a good job and I think the red flag in Q1 was the most appropriate, the cars could not be controlled. The starting lap of my last attempt It was better, I had pace and I pressed on the straight, but finally I blocked in the first corner and I went out. I was stuck, I couldn’t get the car out, and therefore, it was over for me. ”

Kevin Magnussen (16th, will start 15th):

“There was a yellow flag on the last lap and everyone improved their time. I aborted the lap, but the rest seemed to be improving. I got to be seventh but when the time was up I was out. I respected the rules, we must abort the lap and not just lift, there was a double yellow flag. I’m very angry with that, everyone has improved and I was left out. ”

Guenther Steiner, team leader:

“It seemed that we could have a good qualification but finally we ended up in a bad place at a bad time with the yellow flags of Q1. It is what it is, but for tomorrow they predict more rain, so a lot can happen, as they have The day after today. Congratulations to Racing Point for their pole position and third place. Maybe tomorrow luck will be on our side. ”

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