Hala Madrid TV: Real Madrid participated in the first televised game in Spain

Soccer is the king of sports and currently we cannot imagine a match for our team without being able to watch it, but television broadcasts have not been all our lives and there are different origins about the first televised match in the world and in Spain.

Football was invented in England (as many of you will know) and obviously the first football match to be broadcast live on television was in England, through the BBC network in April 1937. It was a friendly match between the team. starter and substitute team of English Arsenal.

But the question lies in which was the first televised game in our country. There is some controversy since there was a first broadcast of Real Madrid, but it was in a test broadcast and therefore, it is not considered the first televised game. This was dated 1954.

The second game that was televised in Spain was in 1954 and if you want to know who Real Madrid faced on these two occasions, do not hesitate to see the following video of Hala Madrid TV where you can find out all the details:


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