Half-Life 2 as a real-time strategy: Lambda Wars fan project published

In Lambda Wars you see the universe from Half-Life 2 from above.

In Lambda Wars you see the universe from Half-Life 2 from above.

The name Lambda Wars could mean something to some players. After all, the fan project began back in 2007. A full 14 years later, it is now leaving the beta and officially appearing. There is also a matching release a new update.

What is Lambda Wars?

Lambda Wars is an asymmetrical real-time strategy game with a single player, co-op and multiplayer mode that is set in the universe of Half-Life 2. Here the resistance of the earth fights against the alien occupiers of the Combine.

Anyone who knows real-time strategy games will feel at home. You recruit well-known units such as Manhacks and Strider from Half-Life and then lead them in battles against up to eight other players or AI-controlled opponents.

In a sandbox mode you can even take control of the Antlions. You can get an impression of the game in the following screenshot gallery:

Half-Life 2 – View screenshots from the Mod “Lambda Wars”

What did the release update bring? With version 1.0 there are four new units and two new buildings. Including some that were once deleted from Half-Life 2 such as the Crab Synth and Mortar Synth. In addition, the models of some older buildings have been updated again. Numerous adjustments to the balancing are also made.

Lambda Wars is a pure fan project that is not monetized in any way. After the download you have free access to the entire game and there is no content that sits behind a pay barrier. We have summarized more such games in a list:

How you play Lambda Wars

You can do Lambda Wars Install via Steam. Although the game is based on the code of the free and cooperative top-down shooter Alien Swarm and is also listed as a mod for this, the real-time strategy game is still a standalone project.

This means that it has no dependencies. After the download is complete, you can find it like all other Steam games in your library and start it from there with a simple click.

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