Halloween Terror Comes to Overwatch

The Halloween Terror has arrived in Overwatch! In the scariest month of the year, Overwatch celebrates again with special challenges and prizes available until November 3. In addition, in commemoration of the first anniversary since his arrival at Nintendo, there will be a free trial for Switch users and a discount to buy the game.

In celebration of Halloween (which takes place on October 31), Blizzard once again invites special events for Overwatch fans. Who Login until November 3 will be able to play for a number of special rewards, with two different challenges per week, as well as having the possibility to unlock cosmetic items from previous events.

Overwatch Halloween Terror Special Challenges

This time, Doctor Junkestein’s Revenge will have two challenge missions per week, which will also be joined by Baptiste (the Renegade) and Ashe (the Outlaw). The challenges will be the following:

Week 1:
Vengeful Ghost, Frenzied Stampede:
– A deadly ghost haunts the players.
– Zomnics move faster.

Week 2:
Volatile zomnic, There were three:
– Zomnics explode near players.
– There are only 3 players, but they deal more damage.

Week 3:
Mysterious Change, Shocking Surprise:
– Heroes change randomly from time to time.
– Some enemies drop electrifying tires when killed.

In addition, in addition to weekly rewards, Overwatch will also include new rewards that will include five legendary skins: Genji Karasu Tengu, Hanzo Dai Tengu, Winston Gorilobo, Flying Dutch Sigma, D.Va Shin-Ryeong.

Overwatch free trial for Nintendo Switch

And beyond the celebration of Halloween, Overwatch will also commemorate its first anniversary at Nintendo. That is why it will offer a free trial until October 20 and a 50% discount on the Legendary Edition version available until October 25.


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