Lewis Hamilton suspects that Ferrari has not yet reached its full potential in the 2019 opening race that Mercedes has won.

After Mercedes scored the third consecutive double in the Chinese Grand Prix for the third consecutive season, Sebastian Vettel, who finished third, said Ferrari needed to "unlock" the full power of his car.

Hamilton believes Mercedes had almost reached their full potential in the opening race, which is why they beat Ferrari.

"I think as a team everyone comes and does their best job," he said when asked by RaceFans. "You have to try to operate 100 percent, and we're close."

"We work with full potential with what we have. However, there will be more performance improvements in the future and we will take a step forward. "

Hamilton said his victory in the Bahrain Grand Prix is ​​an example of how Mercedes won a race that could win Ferrari.

"I think the last race, one can not say that this was necessarily a complete merit, because we were not fast enough to really win the race, but it happened during that time. You need to be able to achieve the victory, so we did that. I think, especially the first and this was full credit.

"They have a good car, the Ferraris, it just does not look like they're going to reach their full potential on a weekend and their execution is not always as flawless as they've shown in the past.

"We will have ups and downs. But there we are really very careful to make sure our processes are as accurate as possible. "

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