A BRIDGWATER school has been informed that Ofsted's latest report "Needs Improvements".

The inspectors went to school in December, and although they had identified a number of positives, they also had problems to deal with.

Over the past two years, many changes have occurred in the school management and teaching staff and inspectors have reported that this has resulted in a decline in student progress.

However, the inspectors also note that "the new director gives increased direction to the staff and that there is a renewed vision for the school".

The report states, "The quality of teaching is not always good, but it is improving rapidly because teachers now receive accurate feedback that helps them develop their feedback."

Inspectors also expressed concerns that students did not achieve the required levels in reading, writing and math, but that work was under way to move students in the right direction.

"School attendance is improving, but school attendance among the least well-educated students is still not enough," the report says.

"The leaders do not check enough the impact of the school's behavioral policy.

"Sometimes the behavior of a small number of students can distract others from their learning."

However, the inspectors also congratulated the Hamp Academy for its protection, which is "at the heart of the school's work".

The report also notes that the Bridgwater College Trust and the new school leaders took steps to address identified weaknesses and that, as a result, teaching was improving rapidly.

Peter Elliot, Managing Director of Bridgwater College Trust, said: "We are delighted that the report identifies many of the school's strengths and also highlights the impact of the new leadership.

"Hamp Academy management has been turbulent over the past two years, but trust has had a positive impact over the last six to nine months.

"The school is definitely on the right track and on the right track to become a" good "school in a short time."