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Hampshire Constabulary


Ferham Khan asked the police to take away his victim because she was "drunk"

A minicab driver who raped a client and then called the police to get the "drunk woman" out of her car has been in prison for 12 years.

Ferham Khan, 29, attacked her 33-year-old victim after she ordered a taxi in Winchester, Hampshire, in September 2017.

She said that Khan had "broken my world into tiny pieces".

The driver from Derby Road in Southampton was convicted of rape and sexual assault by the Crown Court of Southampton Court.

The woman, who had spent the night with friends, was picked up on Broadway at approximately 30:00 Pacific Standard Time.

Khan stopped and attacked her in an unknown place, thinking that she was asleep.

He then "had the audacity to call the police" to ask the police to release her from her car, claiming that she was intoxicated, Hampshire Constabulary said.

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The woman was picked up by Khan on Broadway after an evening

When the officers and paramedics arrived, she told them what had happened.

The police said that Khan had first stated that the woman accidentally fell on him while his pants were unbuttoned.

He later hinted that the victim had consented to sex in return for a cheaper fare, agents said.

In a statement from the victim, the woman said: "What happened in the taxi m destroyed.

"The pain and suffering that I have suffered because of what he's done to me has left me broken, I do not know who I am anymore."