Matt Bagwell, co-founder of SEVENFEETAPART, says the baggage journey should start at home. "Plan ahead, he suggests."

"Put down everything that you think you need to take with you, then ask," Will I really need that? "In a recent survey among our customers, 62% said that they packed too much while traveling, so when you look at the stacks on the floor, think about what you can throw away."

Passengers should also check with their chosen carrier to make sure they are aware of the restrictions on their carry-on bags.

While easyJet does not provide a weight limit for the cabin, but adheres to a strict 56 x 45 x 25 cm size policy, Ryanair duly limits passengers to luggage of no more than 10 kg. These restrictions may change depending on the selected airline. Be sure to check them before you start packing.

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