Hands on: PlayStation Classic review

Hands on: PlayStation Classic review

While Sony could have followed in the footsteps of Nintendo by releasing a retro console that goes the extra mile, the PlayStation Classic is kind of a maverick: it does not include the console's biggest hits – games like Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider or Final Fantasy 8/9 – and instead choose some cult classics among some well-preserved titles.

Using the Sony Retro console is therefore less like going back in time, an experience we've made with SNES Classic and NES Classic Mini, and much more like an example of what the PlayStation was about 20 or more years ago had to offer.

If that sounds, it might be divided, then you're right.

Fans on both sides of the fence have already dealt with Twitter to praise / mock the console for having picked up their favorite games – including us. But after we've played with it ourselves, it's easy to see both sides. Would we like to see personal favorites like The Legend of Dragoon or PaRappa, the rapper, on Sony's first retro console? Absolute. But do they earn a place over Jumping Flash or Rainbow Six?

Yes, they probably do.

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