Inspired by the wonders of Munich and Istanbul, Harry Kane dreams.

Tottenham's English captain led from the front to save his club's hopes by beating PSV Eindhoven 1-0 at Wembley on Tuesday in a Champions League bailout.

The qualification from group B still seems to be difficult.

Spurs will have to beat Inter Milan in the next game by a larger margin than the 2-1 win the Italians made in the return leg in September, and would then have to win in their last group match in Barcelona in December.

After Chelsea shocked Barca six years ago on the way to a Champions League triumph in the backyard of Bayern Munich and a still unlikely final victory for Liverpool in 2005, Kane believes that anything is possible in the European elite.

Chelsea midfielder Ramires (3L) and Chelsea's Nigerian midfielder John Mikel Obi are celebrating their UEFA Champions League victory over Barcelona
Chelsea won the semi-finals in 2012 despite remaining behind for ten minutes at Nou-Camp for ten men

AC Milan had a hand in the trophy, which led 3-0 at halftime – but Liverpool went home with it

"The Champions League has shown some amazing fairy tales in the past," he said.

"When I saw Chelsea against Barca, they looked like they had no hope and somehow got through and won the final. Liverpool finished 3-0 in the final and won.

"I am not saying that this will be our year, but this victory gives us a little more faith that we can come through the group, and that is the next step for us.

"That's all we can try. If we can do that, we are ready to fight in the knockout stages. "

Winning in the group and lost at home to PSV on Tuesday, Spurs looked lost …

… until Kane has reached them 13 minutes before the end

A defeat by PSV after all Tottenham's setbacks, stadium delays, injuries and disappointments due to lack of signings would have been the latest blow in a troubled season.

The fans of the club had given up hope on Tuesday in Wembley and even – for the first time in the reign of Mauricio Pochettino – pronounced one of his decisions, the move to replace Livemire Lucas Moura by in-form Erik Lamela.

But the victory confirmed Pochettino and proved to be the latest example of the faith and character that the Argentine has introduced to his team.

The English striker then won the game with two distractions.

… that gives Spurs hope to get the last 16 places

"We know everyone would like to be in the stadium," Kane said. "We are in a league where we are not too far behind. We know we could have played better.

"The Champions League was not good either [although] This game was a bit better. It was one of those years when we just had to get it out of the way: Wolves, who drew 3-2 to win 3-0.

"It has been one of those seasons so far. We have kept alive. Now, on Saturday, we have another tough game to win and then see where we go for the international break. "

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This Saturday's game is a trip to Crystal Palace, as the Spurs, with all their problems, built their best start into a Premier League season.

Kane scored the winner this season – two minutes from time.

He said, "Yes, I remember that. It was a nice feeling. It was a similar game as the PSV. We had plenty of possession, they could not break and it was 0-0 for a long time in this game. I managed to get a set piece and score points.

"Palace is a great team with some great players and it will be a tough game. But we are full of faith. We know that we can more than win this game. "

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