Harry Kane draws inspiration from Liverpool and Chelsea's historic Champions League tournaments as he attempts to take Tottenham to the final 16 of this year's tournament.

Spurs are one-third of the way to a famous comeback after Kane beat PSV Eindhoven two goals on Tuesday night. If they beat Inter at home and against Barcelona they will almost certainly qualify for the next round. For a team that scored one point from the first three games, that would be quite a success.

Kane is more important than anyone else. After winning the Spurs against PSV, he said that the examples of other English teams that were successful against unlikely odds should give Tottenham hope for the last two games. "It just shows that it's possible," he said. "The Champions League has shown some amazing fairy tales in the past."

Kane glanced back at two English winners of the competition, noting Chelsea's surprise semi-final victory over Pep Guardiola's Barcelona in 2012, when they were 2-0 down in the Nou Camp after a 2-0 deficit with 10 men , Or even the famous 2005 Liverpool penalty shootout over AC Milan.

"When I saw Chelsea against Barcelona, ​​they looked like they had no hope," Kane said, looking back at 2012. "And they somehow got through and won the final, with Liverpool finishing 3-0 in the final and I do not say this will be our year, but this victory gives us a little more faith that we can come through the group, that's the next step for us, that's all we can do, if we can We will be ready to fight in the knockout stages. "

Kane said he wanted to repay the faith of Spurs fans with his performances. It was not necessarily a light season for them, promising September for the new stadium, with January now being the best scenario. Therefore, Kane is determined that Spurs grind the results to their advantage.

"We know the fans would like to be in the new stadium," Kane said. "We know we could have played better too. It was one of those years when we just had to grind it out. We did it well. We have been alive so far. Obviously another tough game on Saturday where we have to win and see where we go for the international break. "

Next Thursday, Kane will temporarily hand over the English captain to Wayne Rooney for the Wayne Rooney Foundation International. Kane said he fully supported the idea. "I think it's great," he said. "Wayne was a great player for us, one of our best players, and it's a shame his international career somehow stopped. I think the fans will love it, we should all embrace it and give it the farewell it deserves. "

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