Harry loses his royal titles; reveal Prince William’s annoyance

Harry y William, members of the Royal Family, have always stood out for their ties as brothers, since at all times they have shown their great relationship, affection and mutual support, however, it has been in recent months that, the rumors regarding an alleged separation and discomfort between them has been exposed in the public eye, which does not make the Reina nor to other relatives of famous people.

According to sources close to Harry y a William, This alleged dissatisfaction would have occurred after Harry’s separation from Buckingham Palace, as he currently lives in the United States of America, his wife’s native country, Meghan Markle, who is expecting her second child and younger Archie’s older brother.

It should be remembered that, in January 2020 Harry and Meghan announced their wishes to separate from the royal family and start a life away from the castle in London. At the time, everything was handled in the most cordial way, however, rumors assure that the news was not widely accepted by Queen Elizabeth.

It was this Friday that the departure of the Crown of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was made official, said news was communicated by the Buckingham Palace confirming notification of Queen Elizabeth. More rumors are those that revolve around the situation that the Royal Family is going through, as it is also ensured that the relationship between the brothers was broken because Harry has not responded to the calls of the queen, which could have caused a nuisance among the children of Lady Di.

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Sources close to William say that he is very upset by everything that has happened with respect to Harry and Meghan, as it is “insulting” that they do not respond to the Queen after their separation from The Crown. It must be said that rumors of the separation of the brothers have been circulating for months, because although it was also known that they spoke at Christmas, their relationship is no longer the same as before.

However, like all sibling relationships, Harry and William have tried to regain their brotherhood and, despite the fact that the privileges of royalty will be withdrawn for Harry and Meghan, they hope to continue in contact and showing their ties as brothers, especially now that the controversial couple awaits the birth of their second child.

So far it is all that is known and none of them has made any statement about it, but without a doubt, they will soon solve their problems and will continue to show the great love they have as brothers, because over the years they have shown that they are Extremely unique and always supportive of each other, which has helped them from a very young age to cope with the unfortunate and tragic passing of their mother, Lady Di, who was and will continue to be an inspiration to all humanity.

Do you think Harry and William will soon resume their great relationship as brothers?





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