Manchester City will take part in a three-legged Premier League title next season, while Manchester United will once again compete with Arsenal and Chelsea for the top four.

That's according to Harry Redknapp, who says Tottenham City and Liverpool will offer a more sustainable title challenge, but United may have trouble getting back into the top four.

City won the league for the second time in a row, beating Liverpool, who scored the Premier League's third-highest score in history. They beat Tottenham in the Champions League final.

United came sixth after a mixed year with Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

And Redknapp, who spoke with MEN Sport in his role as Ambassador of BetVictor's campaign #HeyHarry, said he could see a similar fight next season.

"I see the top three as absolute certainty," he said.

"I see Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham, and then it'll be a scrap between the other three again.

"Arsenal are still well on the defensive and in midfield, they are good in the front, I like the first two, they are fantastic and they are short in midfield." [Aaron] Ramsey is gone.

"Arsenal are far from close, and I think Chelsea will have a lot of trouble if they lose." [Eden] Danger. We talked about Man United.

"If someone says you can make a bet next year, you'll have to put your life on Man City and Liverpool to claim the title, and I think Tottenham will be much closer next year."

Commenting on United's chances, Redknapp said, "You're miles behind Man City, miles and miles behind them, Liverpool and Tottenham [Solskjaer] has a great job in his hands. Now it's all about recruitment. It's about the players who bring them in.

"The six best teams have the best players so every year, except for the year we were in Leicester, there are the same six teams, and next year they'll be the same six again. " I have the best players. "

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