Hate crimes against Asians surge in the UK during the epidemic

Original title: Hate crimes against Asians surged during the British epidemic, BBC dumped Trump

On May 3, British BBC News produced a program reflecting the surge in hate crimes encountered by British Asians during the epidemic. However, this program stated in the video that Trump’s hatred of China is an “important cause” of this atmosphere in the UK.

In this video program, a BBC reporter invited a number of Asians living in the UK to talk about the racial discrimination and hatred they encountered during the epidemic. Several interviewees said that because many people in the United Kingdom believe that the new crown pneumonia epidemic “is China’s miserable world”, certain extremists will insult and abuse them face to face on the street.AssaultThose Asian citizens who look like Chinese.

Compared with the large number of reports on black British protests, the plight of Asian residents mentioned in this BBC program seems very new to many British netizens. Many people said in the comment section that many of the atrocities made them feel Very shocked and incomprehensible.

However, the BBC highlighted and sorted out the response of one of the interviewees in the program, emphasizing that the current atmosphere of racial hatred in the United Kingdom originated from former US President Trump.

Obviously they are talking about the problem of Britain, so why did they pull up the former president of the United States across the Atlantic?

According to interview messages compiled by the BBC, as a racist, Trump has said many hate speeches against Chinese people. Because of the close interaction between the British and American media and high-level officials, his speech has “inevitably” influenced through various channels. British.

This statement can only be considered a fraction of the truth. As the most watched leader in the world at the time, as the BBC and the interviewer said, Trump’s words and deeds did have a certain demonstrative effect.However, according to the way the BBC’s video is processed, reporters intentionally or unintentionally regard this as “the root cause of British hatred of Asians” and as a “significant reason for this reflection.”Find”。

But the author would like to ask, without Trump, without this epidemic, there really is no atmosphere of hatred of Asians in Britain? If you don’t look far away, let’s take a look at the original operation of the BBC itself.

In 2018, a family of three from China encountered extremely rude treatment by the local police in Stockholm, Sweden, due to language barriers and misunderstandings.In response, Swedish TV has produced a file full of malice andinsultThe show was broadcast openly on TV.

Regarding such blatant racial discrimination, the BBC kept changing concepts and taking out of context in the following report, racking its brains to prove that the show was “just a misunderstanding” and “not insulting China.”

The above article about washing the ground for Sweden can only be regarded as a routine operation on the BBC. If you really want to talk about the “integrated masters” who insults China and Asian discrimination, you have to watch the TV series “The Dreaming Girl” once broadcast by the BBC ( Chinese Burn).

In this film claiming to “break away racial stereotypes,” three “Chinese heroines” are set to flatter whites and desperately cater to Western culture, while not changing the “Chinese bad habits of eating dog meat.” At the beginning of the plot, the screenwriter even arranged for one of the heroines to “imitate prostitutes from all over the world”, repeating the Western slander and insult to Asians over and over again with the extremely indiscriminate “Xia San Lu joke”.

Even the most well-known act of “pull the corner of the eye” in the West, which insults Asians, is used by the crew as material in the plot.

The BBC official not only gave the green light to such a TV series, but also desperately hyped this work that even Western netizens could not stand in the name of “encouraging Asians to break stereotypes.”

Since the BBC wants to reflect on “discrimination against Asians,” why should it stay close and stare at Trump instead of looking down at its original report? The BBC and other media have redefined “insult to China” time and time again, and relied on sophistry to lower the lower limit of insulting Asians. Shouldn’t they be responsible for the current plight of British Asians?

It is even more absurd to explain the prevalence of racism in Britain by “close British-American exchanges”. As the saying goes, “seeing the virtuous to think together, and seeing the bad is to introspect within.” How come some British people do not learn well and read a few words of Trump, not only do not “introspect”, but “think together” so vigorously?

Could it be that the BBC is watching the discrimination against Asians become more and more intensified, and everyone has clamored for it, so that it has hurriedly found themselves and some racists to “shape the correct collective memory”? Speaking of discrimination against Chinese and Asians, the author has encountered personal attacks and insults many times during my study in the UK. All these things were done by British college students who were serious in school. From this perspective, the British The soil of racism can be said to have been accumulated for a long time and is quite deep.

At that time, Trump has not yet come to power.


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