Hatred of Asians, another Trump legacy

On January 31, a 91-year-old Asian man was brutally attacked on a street in Oakland’s Chinatown. Hours after the attack – captured by a security camera, where a subject is seen throwing the victim to the ground – he died in the hospital as a result of brain injuries. The alleged perpetrator was arrested and identified as a person of Muslim origin, but without mentioning the reasons,

However, this aggression is one of many that Asian Americans have suffered in recent months and which is described as hateful.

The Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI), an organization that among its objectives seeks a democratic and equitable civic and economic participation of Asians in the United States, has detected between March and December of last year around 2,800 hate attacks. This is a 1,900 percent increase compared to the previous year.

The way they have been attacked has forced the Asian-American community to form a bloc, among others, with the ‘Black Live Matters’ campaign, where they participated as seen last year in large concentrations throughout the country.

President Joe Biden is aware of this anti-Asian movement, which is why in the last week of January he signed a memorandum denouncing racism against Asians and orders the police authorities to focus efforts to detect the origin and its protagonists.

The increase in aggressions coincides with the permanent tone of criticism that former President Donald Trump maintained against China. A position that dates back to 2011 when Trump on social media said “China is our enemy, they want to destroy us.” And more recently during his administration the campaign where he denounced that “they want to take over the world’s commerce”, or when he disparagedly blamed them for diseases and pandemics such as the “China flu” and the “China virus”. Comments, warnings, insinuations and threats that became another legacy that Trump left us. What do you think?

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