Princess Haya, who escaped from Dubai, appeared in court

The Emir of Dubai apparently imposes an affair on his wife. Fearing for her life, she has fled to London.

Princess Haya bint al-Hussein, sixth and youngest wife of the Emir of Dubai, asks for political asylum in London.

Princess Haya bint al-Hussein, sixth and youngest wife of the Emir of Dubai, asks for political asylum in London.

Photo: TOBY MELVILLE / Reuters

London.. For weeks she was gone, now is Princess Haya bint al-Hussein first sighted in London. British media released pictures of the allegedly escaped from Dubai princess on her arrival in a family court. The two-day hearing is reportedly about custody of the princess's two children.

Haya bint al-Hussein is the sixth and youngest wife of the Emir of Dubai. Fearing retaliation, she now wants to ask for political asylum in the UK.

From the United Arab Emirates, the 45-year-old is with her two children Zalila (11) and Jayed (17) fled to London, She feared for her life, she asserted in her application. The abandoned husband Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum (69) accused them of "betrayal and fraud". From the UK, she now wants the divorce go for it and that Child custody fight. A hearing before a family court is confirmed for the 30th of July.

Princess Haya knows her way around the UK

Haya maintains good relationships with the royal family, especially the Queen. She shares her passion for horses with Elizabeth II. Before her marriage in 2004, she made a career in equestrian sports and was able to qualify for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney as a show jumper. In Britain, she knows her way around anyway: she studied politics in Oxford. As the half-sister of the King of Jordan, she also has her own funds.

According to the newspaper Guardian, the princess resides in a 95 million villa near Kensington Palace, in the guarded Kensington Palace Gardens, home to some of the world's most expensive real estate.

With all the protection and luxury, the princess seems to have good reason to feel threatened. Sheikh Mohammed al-Maktoum, who likes to write poems and has written poetry books, published verses on his Instagram page that sound quite ominous. Under the title "You have lived and died" it states: "Your devilish behavior will not benefit you / I do not care whether you are dead or alive."

Two sheikh daughters tried in vain to escape

BBC correspondent Frank Gardner: "I think it's quite possible that she could be abducted and taken to Dubai." Princess Haya would not be the first woman to try to leave the ruling family in vain. Two daughters from another marriage have tried so far in vain.

Shamsa escaped from a sheikh estate in Surrey County in 2010. She was abducted from a street in Cambridge and taken to Dubai, where she spent eight years in prison. In the spring of 2018, her sister Latifa organized a spectacular escape by jetski and yacht from a friendly French businessman to India. But the local coast guard stopped the ship and sent Latifa back to Dubai.

On a 39-minute video on Youtube, Latifa reported being incarcerated and tortured for three years. She accused the emir of killing for his reputation. "My dad is pure evil," she says. Haya tried to mediate in the family dispute when she invited former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson to Dubai last fall to "help with a family dilemma," as the Irish ex-president said.

Did Princess Haya have an affair with her bodyguard?

But shortly thereafter, Haya must have experienced something, which caused a change of heart. She knew of "disturbing facts" about Latifa's fate, the BBC reported, and had been "pressured by members of her husband's family until she felt less secure."

Another explanation offered the "Times" last Friday. Citing sources in the Middle East, it is suggested that Princess Haya enter Relationship with her British bodyguard would have had. "High-ranking members of the royal court," the paper writes, "became increasingly concerned about what they consider to be 'inappropriate intimacy' between the princess and the officer."

Haya has showered the bodyguard, who is married, with gifts. On the Instagram page of the emir are also lines of poetry: "Some mistakes are called infidelity / You have crossed your limits and were disloyal."