“He did his best to come”

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Luka Jovic will join the discipline of Eintracht de Frankfurt in the coming days. It is expected, in fact, that in a matter of hours he can already be training with the German team. Zidane has not confirmed his departure as a loan, but from the German entity they have already made it clear that Jovic will finish this season with them. The Eintracht coach, without going any further, has brought to light a telephone conversation with the forward.

Adi Hütter, in statements collected by the German newspaper picture, has assured that during this Tuesday he spoke with his new player to know his feelings. And these were very positive after an exchange of words. “Jovic has done everything possible to be able to return,” said the coach. “The talks were very fruitful” and both Jovic and the coach were happy to hear from each other.

We get a special player who comes to a team intact, “Hütter said in these statements. In addition, the arrival of Jovic sends a” great message “for the fans in order to trust the team and its aspirations.”Is a special player“And, from these next few days, he will be able to help his old but new team to reach the European qualification zone. Eintracht is just two points away Union Berlin that closes the fifth position.

Luka Jovic, in a Real Madrid training session

Asked about his physical level, Hütter asks for patience because it will be “in the next few days” when you can see how Luka Jovic is doing. The forward, beyond the decisions of Zidane, has had to go through a contagion of the Covid-19 and various physical injuries that have further complicated his stay in the capital.

In the last dates he was related, in addition to the German team, with other entities such as the West Ham or with Serie A, although none of those operations was carried out. Going back to the Bundesliga was already considered a few months ago.

Zidane’s role

Luka Jovic, therefore, ends his season at Real Madrid without too positive data and that has left him very far from his main competitors in the attack point as Benzema, Vinicius o Rodrygo. The Serbian attacker has only played five games so far this season and has failed to make his debut in the scorer aspect. Three titles and just over 200 minutes will remain under his belt as meringue in 2020/2021.

It should be noted that the attacker leaves, but only on loan and until the end of the season. The scorer was a request from Zidane and the Frenchman recently defended him in one of his public appearances. In his last appearance, Zinedine Zidane explained that he has no news and that he continues to count on him, although he did not travel to the Super Cup from Spain due to injury.

“Luka Jovic is with us. He is not here because he is injured, but he is with us. They have not told me anything at the moment and we will see what will happen“, has sentenced the merengue coach in his press conference prior to the semifinals of the Super Cup.

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