He died of covid in Pontevedra at the age of 54 just a few days after his son died with the virus

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Mara Hermida

Writing / The Voice

20/02/2021 05:00 h

A family from shanty town of O Vao, in the municipality of Pontevedrs de Poio, has just suffered two tremendous blows due to the pandemic. Less than fifteen days apart, one of the sons, 31, and the father, 54, died.. The two had been diagnosed with covid-19 and, in both cases and always as indicated by Sergas, they had previous pathologies.

The first misfortune took place on February 5, when at the Pontevedrs hospital in Montecelo died Adrin, only 31 years old. This man, who became the youngest victim of the pandemic in Galicia, was fired by his relatives in an intimate burial due to the restrictions of the pandemic. His father could not attend that farewell at the San Mauro cemetery, since he had been admitted that same day to the Montecelo hospital after also becoming infected with coronavirus. and evolve unfavorably from the disease.

The father, like his son, was getting worse because of the virus. And on Thursday he passed away at the age of 54, thus multiplying the pain of the family. Yesterday, Friday, the day that Sergas reported his death as one of the victims of the pandemic, the man was buried in the San Mauro cemetery, in the same place as his son. There, always within the restrictions set by the pandemic, some family members gathered to fire him. He leaves a widow and two other children, a man and a woman. He also had grandchildren.

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Both the father and the son reside in O Vao de Arriba, a town that suffered a huge outbreak of covid-19. Not surprisingly, after an explosion of positive cases of covid-19, Sergas decided to do a screening in this area of ​​Poio to detect asymptomatic people. The tests were carried out between January 18 and 21. 447 people were summoned, of whom a total of 327 came for the pertinent tests. And 71 positives were detected. That is, more than 20% of the participants were infected.

From ah, there were several hospitalizations of people from the village, including these two members of the same family who, unfortunately, died. Another young man from the village was also hospitalized, who, according to different sources, evolved well and is no longer serious.

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The voice of Galicia

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