He is no longer in Madrid but his plague has no end: James has injured himself again

It is clear that what happens at Real Madrid in relation to injuries is something worth studying. From a horror movie. The last, that of Varane, which will prevent him from playing this Wednesday against Chelsea and also the decisive league duel against Sevilla next Sunday.

However, there is a footballer, already a former Real Madrid player, who seems to have taken with him that bad luck with the injuries that exist in the merengue team. And that’s James Rodríguez, current Everton player.

The Colombian’s last injury occurred this weekend, in the warm-up before the clash that his team, Everton, was going to play against West Ham.

James suffered some discomfort “in the calf” and he was quickly eliminated from the starting team and could not even sit on the bench.

The area of ​​the calves and the soleus is giving James a lot of problems so far this season. They are not serious injuries in terms of recovery time but they are important because they are preventing him from having some continuity in the game.


The ex of the Real Madrid already takes many injuries in that zone of your body and not even sports medicine specialists find a clear explanation about it.

The most common explanation is given by poor healing of the area, with less time than it should, and that this has an impact on the tissue having been weakened, with the handicap that it ‘breaks’ more and more quickly.

In any case, it seems increasingly clear that this unusual season is bringing out the worst in every player (and every club) in relation to muscle problems. The cases of James and Real Madrid are two of the most beastly examplesBut there are not a few top clubs and teams from all over Europe that have suffered many physical problems throughout the campaign.


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