He is wanted in Turkey for mixing the saliva of a Covid patient in his boss’s drink

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BEAUTIFUL, SON.- In a fact that few believed, the story of Ramazan Cimen has monopolized the portals of different media.

Wanted by justice in Turkey, this man is accused of having bought saliva from a patient with Covid-19 to mix it in his boss’s drink and end his life, report international media.

According to The Sun, Ramazan was discovered by Ibrahim Unverdi at the time that he was stealing around $ 30,000.

“This is the first time I have heard of such a strange assassination technique. Thank God I didn’t get sick. God is always with the good, “commented Unverdi.

I’d rather you kill me than try to infect me with the virus. My mother and father have a chronic illness. If I was infected with Covid-19, it could have infected my family and those around me, “he said.

Following the events, the auto businessman filed a criminal complaint against Cimen, who has now been formally charged with attempted murder and is being pursued by the police.

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