He pushes his pregnant wife off a cliff in Turkey

Turkey – After taking a selfie together, a man threw his pregnant wife off a cliff in Butterfly Valley, Mugla city, Turkey, with the intention of collect 40 thousand euros of insurance.

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The subject, identified as Hakan AysalHe did not think twice about committing the crime and ending the woman’s life by throwing her from more than 300 meters high so that she fell into a rock formation.

We cannot ignore that the event occurred during the 2018, but the longest “” free “time of people, perhaps due to the pandemic, caused it to go viral in the middle of 2021.

Information provided by the local authorities at that time assured that the woman and her baby lost their lives instantly due to the hard blow received.

The intellectual and material author of the crime tried to make the law believe that it was an accident, however, after the investigations it was determined that he was the man who took the life of his wife and the son who was on the way.

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The fact takes a certain macabre touch when analyzing that the couple stayed for hours on the site, waiting for the other visitors to leave, to be alone and avoid witnesses.

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