Health adds 135 deaths from COVID, Mexico accumulates 83 thousand 642 deaths

Health authorities registered 135 more deaths from COVID-19, for a total of 83,642 deaths confirmed by the disease.

In addition, they registered 4 thousand 577 confirmed cases, for a total of 814 thousand 328.

At a press conference, José Luis Alomía, general director of Epidemiology, reported that 43,963 people are still waiting for a result.

There are 172 thousand 492 people who did give a sample, but it will not be possible to obtain a result, because the test did not reach a laboratory to process it or it was rejected.

An official said that 591,150 patients have recovered from the disease.

At the national level, hospital occupancy is 27% for non-serious patients, while in the area of ​​beds for critical patients, at the national level there is an occupancy of 24%.

In the most recent update of the Epidemiological Surveillance Traffic Light for COVID, 17 entities will be at high risk (orange color); 14 in the middle (yellow), and only one in the low (green).

So far, Campeche is the only entity in the country that has managed to reduce the level of risk from contagion of COVID-19 to a low level, so it will remain green.

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