Climate protectors had planned to disable London's Heathrow Airport with a drone. They were arrested before the action.

London – Arrests on Heathrow near London's Heathrow Airport continued on Friday in connection with a drone stunt action threatened by climate change activists. Two men were arrested outside the airport security zone that morning, Scotland Yard said. Overall, the number of arrests increased to nine.

Climate protectors wanted to disrupt operation of London airport

The group called "Heathrow Break" had announced that it would fly drones near Europe's largest airport, disrupting operations. The airport said in the morning that the runways were not affected. "We agree that something needs to be done to tackle climate change, but illegal protest activities aimed at hindering thousands of people are not the solution," the statement said.

Security measures have been strengthened after earlier drone flight

Heathrow is one of the world's major hubs and, like Gatwick Airport in London, was temporarily shut down by drones a few months ago. The perpetrators were not caught. From the incidents, the British government had taken consequences and tightened the security measures significantly. For example, the exclusion zones for drone flights around airports have been extended to a radius of approximately five kilometers.