The parents of a cancer patient have desperately asked for help to save his life – and they say that time is running out.

Olivia Saxelby and Jamie Lee were devastated after discovering that their five-year-old son, Oscar Saxelby-Lee's leukemia, has returned despite a bone marrow transplant.

Now they say that their last hope is to spend £ 500,000 on the treatment they hope will save their lives, which is currently not possible in the NHS.

Today, the Worcester News is supporting the campaign to support the St. John & # 39; s family.

Olivia, 23, asked the readers of Worcester News for help and simply said, "We need you."

She said, "We have received the devastating news that the chances of a cure for Oscar are very slim, having recently relapsed following his stem cell transplant.

"Obviously, relapsing from a disease will minimize your chances, but with Oscar's aggressive illness coming back only three months after the bone marrow transplant, it's at even greater risk.

"Acute lymphocytic T-cell leukemia is a very difficult disease, but there are cases where a second transplant and a new study called CAR-T have been successful.

"As Oscar remains incredibly strong and there is still a lot of fighting going on, we just have to do everything we can to save him.

"Unfortunately, the NHS will not fund the CAR-T study in Singapore and they will not fund a second transplant unless it's the first one after 12 months.

"That's why we need you, we need the support and kindness of everyone to get him to the next phase of treatment.

"We really have a tight schedule, a timetable that no child should meet. Please help us to reach our goal. "

Olivia added that despite the illness that left him in hospital for almost 10 months, Oscar remains a real fighter.

She said, "Oscar is a true smile. There is never a day when he does not show his little dimples. No matter how hard his fight has been, he always shines the light for all of you, a cheeky, friendly little boy who has so much love to give. "

Olivia and Jamie are supported by the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust, and any money not used to treat Oscar is donated to the charity.

Jennifer Kelly of the charity said, "The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is honored to support Oscar and his family in this small way.

"Oskar's fund is kept separate from our general charity fund, so the rest of our work continues in the same way.

"Oscar, Olivia and Jamie are the greatest family and I really hope we can get behind them to give Oscar the treatment he so desperately needs."

Oskar's parents first sought help to find Oscar as a bone marrow donor after being diagnosed with leukemia last December.

In March, nearly 5,000 people came to their school, Pitmaston Primary, to register with the Stem Cell Donor Registry to help find their partner.

He then underwent transplant surgery in June, as well as strenuous chemotherapy and whole-body radiotherapy.

How can you help?

Send 5OSCAR 5 to 70085 to donate £ 5. This costs £ 5 plus the cost of a standard rate message. Or, send 5OSCAR 10 to 70085 to donate £ 10. This costs £ 10 plus a standard rate. Or, send OSCAR 20 to 70085 to donate 20 GBP.

You can also donate by visiting