Henry Cavill has a girlfriend and they walked in London: PHOTOS

Thousands of fans have expressed their broken heart, after it became known that Henry Cavill has a girlfriend and what they will see them together in London.

The 37-year-old actor, originally from Saint Helier, Jersey, who has played Superman He was caught walking through the streets of London with whom they say is his new girlfriend.

Cavill wore jeans with a jacket, mask and mask, while his alleged partner wore a total black look with a coat, sweater, mask, pants, bag and glasses of the same color.

The actor and his girlfriend walked hand in hand, in addition, they took Kal with them, the actor’s American Akita dog.

The couple was romantic, while they held hands and turned to see happily.

Henry Cavill has dated several female stars: in 2018 he parted ways with Lucy Cork and had previously been linked to Kaley Cuoco, from The Big Bang Theory, in 2013.

Among his partners, Cavill has been linked to Tara King, Marisa gonzalo and Gina Carano.

Will Henry Cavill Appear in The Flash?

For DC fans, Henry Cavill is in London with his girlfriend is a good sign.The Flash solo movie is currently being filmed in part in London.

The presence of the actor, for many, indicates that could have participation in the tape of DC.

The bad new? That he stopped being one of the most coveted singles and broke the hearts of thousands of people.

The actor recently made new takes for the project of the Zack Snyder’s Justice League, where it is speculated, he did not charge a dollar, as it was a compromise he had with the director.

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